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Funeral Service Basic Package

from: RM 16,888.00

2 nights service at home or at parlour, burial / cremation (Buddhist / Taoist)

Embalmment Handling & Encoffin Service

  1. Reporting Death and Obtaining Burial Clearance / Permit
  2. Securing Release of Remains
  3. Arterial Embalming / Dry Ice and Make Up Services
  4. Imported Longevity Costume (1 Set)
  5. * Cremation Casket (1 Unit)
    * Urn (1 Unit)
    * Cremation and Retrieval of Ashes (1 Unit)

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

  1. Use of Canopy (3 Units x 18ft x 18ft)
    - Hanging Fan 3 Units, Light 4 Units
    - Table 26 Units (18 Units Round + 8 Square)
    - Table Cloth 16 Units, Plastic Chair 120 Units
  2. Use of Majestic Altar
  3. Enlargement of Photograph
  4. Decorated Photo Frame
  5. Location Direction Placards and Laterns
  6. Mourning Garments (16 Sets + 16 Socks Sets)
  7. * Imported PMP Elegant Urn
  8. Memorial Record Book
  9. Use of Condolence Box

Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony

  1. Professional Service Team (1 Team)
  2. 2 Nights Wake Service Worker
  3. 1 Nights Buddhist / Taoist Prayer Service
  4. 3 Days 2 Nights Offerings to the Deceased (Fruits and Vegetarian)
  5. Joss Sticks and Prayer Materials (1 Set)
  6. Professional Handcrafted Paper Model with Decorative Lights (1 Set )
  7. Confectionary Gifts (200 pcs)
  8. Light Beverage (40 pax)
  9. Drinking Water (20 cartons)
  10. Peanuts (30 Packages)

Funeral Procession Service

  1. Sealing of Casket
  2. Son-In-Law Flag (1 Unit)
  3. Professional Music Band (1 Team)
  4. Souvenir (100pcs)
  5. # Use of Toyota Avanza (1 Unit)
  6. # Use of White Glass Hearse
  7. Use of Air-Cond Bus for Funeral Procession (1 Unit - up to 40 Seats)

After Care Service

  1. Memory VCD slide show (1 unit)


  1. * Applicable for cremation package only.
  2. Use of parlour is subject to availability.
  3. Taoist prayer service only covers Hakka (medium), Cantonese (medium) or Hokkien (small) prayer service. Use of Teochew (small) prayer service is subject to an additional charge.
  4. The funeral service package excludes burial plots, cinerary urn compartments, pedestal for ancestral tablet and construction of tomb.
  5. Exercise of funeral service package is restricted to the radius of 35km from the nearest service center within Peninsular Malaysia (herin called the ‘location limit’). The company reserves the right to impose additional charges for cases exercised beyong the location limit.
  6. The contents of this funeral service package shall apply or be valid when called upon in Johor only.
  7. # The company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses in the event that the specified hearse or vehicle is not available as a result of circumstances beyong its control PROVIDED ALWAYS that and alternative mode of conveyance or transport is made available.
  8. No refund or return of the items in the package shall be allowed under any whatsoever circumstances.
  9. Additional nights and / or additional items are subject to additional charges.
  10. The terms and conditions in English language shall prevail over Chinese language should any conflict arise in the interpretation of the terms and conditions herein.